Welcome to SilverPearl Woodworking.  I’ve been on this journey for a number of years now, but then again, it’s a lifetime in the making.  I’ve always been interested in antique furniture and I’ve come to realize that it wasn’t so much about ‘old stuff’ as about solid, varied, well built, beautiful works in wood.

So I’ve been making things, but more importantly – I’ve been studying, learning, researching and setting my own path.  You can check out what I’ve done by clicking on the pages listed in the header above.

Up until the last few years my focus and passion was on cooking, or really, cooking and eating.  I’ve always loved how creative cooking is and the focus on technique and ingredients.  The parallel with woodworking is direct for me – research, design, plan, implement.  With woodworking I now have another endless world of tools, skills and materials to explore.

I was inspired by my bride Bobie a few years ago when she took her lifelong interest in photography and got serious with that passion – check out: bgburwellphotography.com

“SilverPearl” is an homage to my mother – Pearl Nobles Burwell.  She was silverhaired from an early age – I’m sure we four kids did that to her.  She was an inspiration and a joy to be around.  I miss her.


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  1. I was looking at your tool chest. It is very nice and it was pictured near a Gertsner KIT TOOL CHEST that someone can buy and hopefully build their own wooden tool chest. When I clicked on your picture; it was immediately clear that your tool chest was not a Gerstner. You have an amazing tool chest compared to most I have seen.

    I like the comment about the back of furniture. I usually use a quality hardwood plywood, and it needs to look good because if you skimp on the back; usually cheap plywood is not nice on the good side. I use a lot of Baltic Birch for backs, and bottoms, and if I am matching Oak I use Oak plywood. I have found that Regular Birch plywood usually works when matching to a cherry case.

    I am an older woodworker, since age 9, and I have owned a shop for 44 years. I have searched for many years looking for some item made of wood that is mass produced; that I could build and sell for less; and have at least the same or better quality. Well, I have never found such an item; until recently.

    I was looking on the net about 6 months ago, and came across the Gerstner wood Tool Chest. After reading their history, and how they do business today; I was shocked that people have been paying a premium price for a little above quality; since 1906. Because they have few distributors, and sell in competition with them; there are no distributors in Missouri / per Gerstner;

    I can’t see one of their cases, but I sent a very detailed email to the President of Gerstner; asking him specific questions about their 92-XL construction and woods used ( largest domestic built tool chest they build ), and I can say that I can built a tool chest about 25 % larger for about 25 % less money that their 92-XL sells for, depending on where you look; the prices range from about $ 1,430 to $ 1,850.

    I have talked to several machinist and aerospace mechanics, and they all tell me all the drawers should be about 1/4″ deeper and more smaller drawers are needed.

    If you will Google Gerstner, you can read how they do business. I was shocked to know what they say as to how they do business.

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